Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA

Our Mission:

Unlock the wisdom of girls.

We seek to inspire a new generation of girls to be global leaders, peace builders, and community advocates.


What we do

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA, based in New York City, mobilizes resources to support grassroots organizations that increase access to education and development for women and girls in West Africa, with a particular focus on making strategic investments in the work of Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa in Liberia.

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA also promotes public engagement with the vision and work of our founder, Leymah Gbowee, and seeks to share the lessons of her leadership. 


Our Liberian Partner: Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa

In 2012, Leymah Gbowee founded Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa in Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. Many girls in Liberia face barriers to completing their schooling, due to poverty, cultural norms, and the lasting impact of the Liberian civil war. Today, Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa has supported more than 300 scholarship recipients to continue their schooling, and has trained hundreds of students in peace building, sexual health, human rights and leadership.


Get Involved

We have an opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the young people of Liberia. Together, we can raise the next generation of peace builders, advocates and community leaders in Liberia and West Africa. 



Create a simple fundraising campaign, and invite your friends, family and community to get involved.

Make a Donation

Help send a Liberian girl to school, and provide peace building and human rights training in Liberia.

be a champion for girls

We need your help to be champions for girls all around the world. Stay connected and help us spread the word!