Our Story

Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA, based in New York City, mobilizes resources to support grassroots organizations that increase access to education and development for women and girls in West Africa, with a particular focus on making strategic investments in the work of Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa in Liberia. Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa-USA also promotes public engagement with the vision and work of our founder, Leymah Gbowee, and seeks to share the lessons of her leadership. 

We know ensuring girls have access to quality education and are seen as valuable participants in society is vital to address inequality and building sustainable peace.

Our Staff

Sarah Jewell


Samantha Garland


Our Board

Leymah Gbowee


Michael Seltzer

Board Chair

Angie Wang

Vice Chair

Ernest Obubah


Kouty Mawenh


Nancy Lieberman

Nicole Bidmead

George Pinto