Our Liberian Partner


Gbowee Peace Foundation Africa (GPFA) was established in 2012 by Liberian peace activist and Nobel Peace Laureate Leymah Gbowee as a way to ensure that younger generations in Liberia are peaceful, reconciled, and empowered. GPFA provides outstanding education and leadership opportunities to women and youth.


GPFA increases access of women and youth to quality education to reduce their risk of experiencing perpetual poverty. GPFA provides scholarships, school materials and education support to young people who display academic excellence but experience financial barriers to maintaining engagement in education. GPFA links their scholars to one another through annual retreats and leadership development opportunities. GPFA is also in the process of building a technical high school for girls in Monrovia.


GPFA provides comprehensive leadership training and hands-on experience for young people to help them develop the skills, knowledge and attributes necessary for empowered lives. GPFA trains young people to be peace advocates, peer educators on health and human rights, and leaders in their communities and schools.

Community Empowerment

The empowerment, participation and leadership of women is a necessary part of Liberia’s pathway to economic development and peace. To empower local communities and improve women’s participation in private and public decision-making, GPFA provides spaces for women to connect with one another and to develop and use the skills and knowledge needed for the journey of leadership. GPFA also uses public radio to widen the debate about the role of women in the public sphere.




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2nd Floor Suites, Doe Apartments Building
Congo Town, Republic of Liberia